The cover art used in The Art of Role Play in Dispute Resolution Training is an acrylic on canvas painting titled "Abstract Portrait" painted by visual artist Nadia S. Bhalla in 2016.

Marc selected this piece for the cover of his book as he felt that the image depicted in the painting offered a dual purpose for his work.

First, the mask worn by the individual depicted in the portrait conceptually symbolizes participating in role play learning. Those participating in a role play activity are typically acting and the imagery of a mask has long been used to depict one portraying a character.

Secondly, as Marc's book was published during the COVID-19 pandemic - when it is common for members of society to wear masks for safety - he felt that the image captured the times in which the book was released.

It is interesting to observe that first impressions of the cover art often relate to contemporary life in the year 2020 when the painting itself was completed four years prior to the release of The Art of Role Play in Dispute Resolution Training.