Included with your purchase of The Art of Role Play in Dispute Resolution Training is a chance to get a non-exclusive, revocable licence to make use of the role play exercises provided in Part II of the book.

You can receive your licence by registering with the code provided to you with your purchase - on the bookmark provided with the hard copy edition and within your invoice for the e-book edition.

To obtain your licence, please complete our form starting with the link below.  Once it is received and processed, editable, electronic copies of the role plays that you select from the book will be provided to you by email.

The terms of our licence are non-negotiable and you must agree to them to receive your licence. This is a condition of our licence offer.

The key terms of our licence are:

  • You can edit and adapt the role play exercises in any manner that you wish. We offer the role plays in an editable, electronic format so you can make them your own.

  • You must keep the footer in all role play materials that credits the creator of the exercise and maintains our copyright for such. The footer is not to be edited.

  • Licences are non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable at any time and for any reason. (The primary purpose of this is to allow us to retain the ability to retire or adapt any role play exercises in the event that they become unintentionally controversial with the passage of time.)

  • In obtaining a licence to make use of the role play exercises, you release Marc Bhalla, Shadow of the Law Publications and everyone and anything affiliated therewith from any liability, damages or claim whatsoever associated with your use of the exercises.

  • While your licence is non-transferable, we encourage you to contact us should you wish to make use of any role play provided in a capacity that differs from your registration. We will try to help sort things out.

  • You are welcome to change the sports team referenced in The Tickets role play to any team you like, with the exception of the Ottawa Senators. A term of your licence, at the author's insistence, is that you cannot make the exercise apply to the Ottawa Senators. The author suggests that incorporating the Ottawa Senators into the exercise would be too artificial, as it would not be realistic for the team to have a significant winning streak.


What do I need to have handy to register for my role play licence?

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