It is said that private dispute resolution processes (like mediation and arbitration) take place in the shadow of the law...



Shadow of the Law Publications publishes works focused on dispute resolution and conflict management while we bask in the shadow of the law.

After several years of planning and gearing up, we went live in 2020 and are committed to providing works at reasonable prices.

We are dedicated to doing our part to help educate the dispute resolution community.

We publish works by well respected mediators, adjudicators and teachers of interest to dispute resolution practitioners, trainers, academics, students and the general public.


We are a division of a small, Canadian family business, with stations in Barrie, Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario. We do not have a physical shop but may have pop-ups from time to time. Of course, our book store is always open online.

Our FAQ page addresses some common questions, you are also always welcome to contact us.