"Today more than ever police must build trust and legitimacy with the public they serve. Moore's book equips front line officers with practical and proven communication tools to accomplish this while, at the same time, providing police leadership with ideas to address common systemic issues within police organizations."
- Assistant Commissioner Alphonse MacNeil (Rtd.) RCMP


"To the point, practical, and filled with illustrations, this is the real deal for enhancing police training. Nobody quickly masters the skills of building trust and de-escalating conflict in settings of fear, high tensions, and suspicion, but anyone motivated to learn them will find all the basics here packed into one slender volume. The world would be a different place if even a small portion of police officers adopted the approaches Moore lays out. Not only police should be reading this. Every politician and public servant would benefit from these skills as well."
- Dr. Ron Kraybill international peacebuilder, trainer, and author


 "Every chapter is filled with practical advice to handle real-life situations. Every officer could benefit from reading it. Moore is one of the preeminent conflict management professionals in Canada. His decades of practice in this field have resulted in a deep understanding of conflict and how it is managed at a personal level, and his equally deep understanding of the policing world, based on up-close hands-on experience, really shows in this book."
- Blaine Donais, founder Workplace Fairness International and conflict management system design expert


"Timely and timeless. Important and very accessible. Although Richard Moore's book is oriented to those in a policing environment, its lessons apply equally to us all. Who would not benefit from such a practical guide to better communication, mutual respect, understanding and a shared purpose with fellow travelers through life?"
- Gord Breedyk and Evelyn Voigt, Civilian Peace Services Canada (CPSC)